Stilts (all levels (c) copyright Concrete Circus 2017)

Level 1

a) Be able to walk unaided on a pair of strap-on stilts.
b) Know how to fall properly from stilts.
c) Be able to walk forwards, backwards, sideways.
d) Be able to do something else whilst on stilts.
e) Be able to walk on hand held stilts.

Level 2

a) Be able to stand on one leg for a count of three.
b) Be able to climb small steps unaided.
c) Be able to juggle on stilts.
d) Construct a 1 minute show around stilt-walking.

Level 3

a) Be able to skip twice on stilts.
b) Be able to run safely on stilts.
c) Be able to pick up a low object.
d) Be able to balance an object on chin whilst on stilts.
e) Perform at least five tricks with one prop whilst on stilts (without dropping)