What to wear when you do circus

Ground based activities

If you are juggling, doing the devil stick, diaboling etc. it doesn't really matter what you wear but we would recommend clothing that allows you to move freely. Clothes that have dangly bits may well get in the way of certain tricks but are unlikely to harm you.

Balance skills

When doing balance, footwear becomes much more important. Flip Flops and other footwear that do not contain and support your feet are extremely dangerous, as are untied laces. In particular:

Tightrope - footwear should be supportive and allow you to feel the wire (canvas shoes are good)

Unicycle - do not have laces that may go into the spokes or footwear which will have your feet slip

Stilts - do not wear crocs, legs should also be covered so shorts are not great

Walking Globe - can be done bare foot or in shoes with grip

Aerial skills

Clothing needs to be fairly tight. We recommend you wear a leotard but if you don't have one of them wear clothing that doesn't fall off you when upside down. Wearing leggings or similar is necessary when working on an aerial hoop as otherwise your knees will suffer. Obviously you shouldn't wear jewellery. You need to be able to move freely in whatever you wear.