These are sporadic (normally half term holidays and some main holidays) days that run from 9 AM - 3 PM. They allow students to practice circus skills for a lot longer time and also allow groups who go to different workshops to get together. The main focus is on training in the morning 9 AM - Noon. Then there is a lunch break where we often take the kids away from the hut and let them demonstrate some skills outside whilst also getting a chance to burn off energy. The rest of the afternoon is a fairly relaxed session.

Students will need to bring their own packed lunch.

The cost for a one-day workshop is £15.

Clothing: As people often come to a one-day workshop without having been to our normal workshops it is worth noting what clothing is required for different skills.
If the student is going to be doing anything aerial then they need clothing that will not cause problems when they are upside down. Leotards for girls are good but anything that is tight fitting and will not fall over the head is ok. Leggings or joggers are also needed as otherwise the backs of the knees will suffer.
If they are using strap on stilts they need to wear clothing that goes below the knee as otherwise the straps will dig into their flesh.
Flip-flops are dangerous with the tightrope!
Crocs will not fit with the strap-on stilts.